When you drive the car on the road,a secure fit for the wheels on your vehicle is most important. A lug nut or wheel nut is a fastener which are important to secure a wheel onto your vehicle. You should install the Wheel Nuts properly and tightly.Otherwise, the wheels can gradually move out of alignment and eventually detach from their axles. Anyway, lug nuts or Wheel Nuts can help keep your wheels firmly attached to your car at all times.

Loose or missing the Wheel Nuts will cause uneven pressure on the wheel hub and contribute to premature wear of the wheel bearings. And an uneven pressure will occur when your vehicle turns the corners, brakes or ramps up to a high speed.

Wheel Nuts are key to the entire wheel mounting system, to work properly and safely, means that the wheels must make full contact with and fit flat against the mating surface of the hub.