The bubble sunshades have 2 types: Single Bubble Sunshades & Double Bubble Sunshades. The Single & Double Bubble Sunshades sell very well now. It's very popular in North America,South America,Asian countries,etc. Single Bubble Sun Shades just have one layer which is thinner than double bubble sun shades. Double Bubble Sunshades are made in two layers which can effectively block the strong sunlight and UV reflection, so as to reduce the temperature inside and protect the car interior from aging. Normally, Single & Double Bubble Sunshades are produced for front window and rear window. It's not suitable for side windows. The Single & Double Bubble car front window sun shades are especially popular in some African,Asian,South American countries. Because it is economic and can protect their vehicle's interior from UV burning.

The Single & Double Bubble Sunshades can be produced in different weight,colors & designs. We can also produce it as your design. We produce the Single & Double Bubble Sunshades with different sizes, such as 60*130cm, 70*140cm,70*145cm,etc. Besides these normal sizes, we also produce some jumbo sizes, such as 70*160CM & 80*170CM. So you can choice the size as you want!