The Warning Triangles is a passive reflective item which is made of plastic reflective material. It can be folded and easy to carry! It's the necessary item for each vehicle! Each vehicle must carry the Warning Triangles, so as to encounter sudden failures. When we stop the vehicle and repair, we need to put the safety warning triangle 50 meters before and after the car, which can remind other vehicles to pay attention.

The Warning Triangles Product Features:
1. Vehicle triangle warning sign can be seen at a distance of a few hundred meters with the highest reflective performance. It can warn other vehicles coming from the rear.
2. When you drive your vehicle on the highway or general road, and have to park your vehicle, you should put the Warning Triangles on the back of your vehlcle 50-200 meters, away from danger.
3. When using the reflective safety triangle, you just need to prop up the triangles and button it up. The volume is very small when it is folded. You can put the triangle safety reflectors in the rear trunk. If you carry a safety warning triangle, you can have one more way to avoid danger.