PVC & PE Car Covers are one kind of waterproof car covers which sells very well now. It's not breathable. We produce the PVC & PE Car Covers with one additional layer of PVC strip onto the seams of car cover, in order to avoid the water goes into the inside of car covers through the seams. It can protect your car from snow,rain,dusts,bird drops & scratch,etc. The PVC & PE Car Covers sell very well in USA,Mexico,South America,etc.

We have different weight & backing for PVC & PE Car Covers. For example, we have  250G pvc&cotton car covers,210G pvc&non-woven car covers,210G pvc&cotton car covers...for PVC Car Covers. And we have 150g PE & cotton waterproof car covers,125g PE & cotton weather protect car covers, 110g PE & non-woven waterproof car covers ...for PE Car Covers. So you can select one material and one backing as you want!