Solar Films can block the solar heat 40%-60%,significantly reduce the temperature inside the car, improve the comfort of the car;Window tint film can effectively filter the sun glaring light.It will makes you safety when two vehicles meet the glare in the night;Window film can reduce the heat loss in winter,high quality insulation explosion-proof film can reduce the heat loss about 34%;Window tint film can block UV as high as 98%-99%. Ultraviolet rays are the main factors leading to skin burn, skin cancer and discoloration and deterioration of automobile dashboard, seats and textiles;Auto Solar Films can protect people safe from glass accidentally broken, insulation explosion-proof film can make the glass stick in place, prevent glass splash wounding, enhance the ability to prevent accidents, storms and other disasters;Auto window film can have higher privacy. Auto Solar Films special have one-way function, it reflects and can't see inside easliy.

The vehicle window glass will become stronger because of its flexibility when the solar window film is pasted onto the glass and it will help reduce the damage and property loss caused by the sudden splash of broken glass pieces. Auto Solar Films will protect the passengers to be hurt by the splash of glass pieces.The car will become better-looking. Our window film has various colors and lasts long.

The Solar Films are mainly used on the inside surface of window glasses (besides the ground glass and engraved glass) of office buildings, commercial buildings, waiting hall of airport, exhibition building, teaching building or houses,etc.. Our building window film will block 95% to 100% of the UV radiation, effectively protecting people from getting hurt by it. And it will slow down the color fading and the aging of indoor items so that their service life will be lengthened.